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Gianni Guidolin


Guidolin Wafer Fioc is a complete and balanced food for horses with constant nutritional and energy

Guidolin Wafer Fioc is a complete and balanced food for horses with constant nutritional and energy values. It is suitable for the proper functioning of an animal's gastrointestinal system. Wafer Fioc is a healthy natural horse feed product, combining high quality long fiber forage (cm 4-5) and flaked cereals. These tasty wafer for horses are manufactured using the latest technology that allows the structure of the long fibres to be retained. It comes as a compacted 4 x 4 cm “biscuit”, that crumbles easy. Wafer Fioc is highly digestible, due to the incorporation of flaked cereals. It is extremely healthy and beneficial nutritious product ideally suited to the digestive system of the horses.

Special functional snacks for horses that support their well-being and health

Equibar Mobility, all-natural nutrition bar for horse's muscle and joint support;
Equibar Hemofluid, all-natural nutrition bar for horse's microcirculation support;
Equibar Adaptive, natural bar for horses that helps concentration and relieves stress.

An excellent handmade biscuit with flaked cereals with real pieces of fruits and vegetables

Equisnack, the line of treats and snacks for horses
100% natural products, made with Human Grade ingredients, only the highest quality raw materials are used carefully baked into crunchy snacks.


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